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Srisailam Tourism
One Day Srisailam Trip from Hyderabad by Cab

One of the best ropeways in the country, Srisailam ropeway is an indispensable part of Srisailam tour. The holy town of Srisailam is by the side of River Krishna. Krishna River that flows near the hills where the Sri Mallikarjuna Swamy Temple is located is called as Patalganga.

The image of majestic hills with vast spread of water creates a serene scenic beauty that is sure to make your tour memorable.

Srisailam Tour Packages

The ropeway in Srisailam has been provided by the tourism department for the tourists to reach the Patalganga from the top of the hills. It operates from the ropeway centre, which is located in the Haritha Hotel of the tourism department.

It is not only an easier way to reach the river which would otherwise require a strenuous walk, traveling by rope way also adds a bit of excitement and adventure to your trip. Tourists visit Patalganga to take a dip in its holy water and wash away their sins. There are steps to enter the waterbody.

There are iron chains that have been built for devotees to hold it and take a dip, helping them to remain steady against the current of water.

There are ropeway cabins with the capacity to accommodate 4 people that will take tourists down till the River. On festivals and holidays, with the increased number of tourists, one might have to wait in queue for their ride of the Srisailam ropeway. There is waiting luge where tourists can wait comfortably for their turn.

Although the ride is not more than five minutes, the ropeway view of Srisailam will leave you mesmerized for the entire trip. The view of Nallamala Hills, Krishna River and the surrounding areas is worth capturing.

Ropeway is often combined with boating in the Patalganga, an activity that is worth experiencing. Many tourists also travel to Akka Mahadevi caves which can be reached via boating. Akkamahadevi caves are also a popular tourist attraction in Srisailam that is worth visiting if you are looking for some adventure and untouched nature. These caves are visited by many devotees as well.

Srisailam Ropeway Timings

Ropeway timings in Srisailam are from 6 AM to 5 PM.

Srisailam Ropeway Cost / Charges

Srisailam ropeway fare is Rs.50 (to and fro) for adults and Rs.35 (to and fro) for kids.

At the ropeway ticket counters, tourists can buy tickets for boating as well. There is a wide array of boating packages that they can choose from such as boat ride only at the Patalganga, Boating trip to Akkamahadevi caves, etc.

Reaching Ropeway Center in Srisailam

The ropeway centre runs from the Srisailam Haritha Hotel. The hotel is located near the Mallikarjuna Jyotirlinga Temple. Hence reaching here is not a difficult task. Tourists can either hire a locally run auto rickshaw or a private taxi to reach the hotel.